How to Win Your Man… and KEEP HIM

How to Win Your Man and KEEP HIM

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Pages: 132
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Language: English
ISBN-10: 147975823X
ISBN-13: 978-1479758234
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Geri Hemer has lived and worked all over the world, starting in Montserrat, a British Island in the Caribbean, and ending up in Australia via Switzerland. She has mixed with the A-List of the music world, foreign dignitaries and captains of industry. She is no ordinary woman, but her extraordinary experiences have helped her recognise and capture true love and happiness – these are skills and experiences she wants to share with you. You don’t need to be a movie star or a model to gain insight and wisdom from Geri-s sage words. The advice in this book is within the reach of every single woman. Geri is taking to YOU. If true love and happiness has alluded you, or if you want to rekindle the passion that has dulled in a once magical relationship, or even if you want to keep the magic you have alive, there is something here for everyone. Author Geri HemerGeri covers such topics as being primed for the first chance meeting, the first date, children, friends, professions to be wary of, getting along with his mover, an invaluable checklist for the big wedding day, spicing up your sex life, infidelity and growing old gracefully‚Ķ right down to leaving a legacy together. Whatever stage in your life you are at there is something here that will enhance your relationship with the man you love, making sure you never miss a moment of all the wonders that true love has to offer.

There’s a wealth of experience in this book combined with a cavalcade of sensible and grounded advice, mixed with a dose of Geri’s cheeky sense of humour that speak to women, of all ages, backgrounds and marital statuses. Geri Hemer BookGeri recognises there is infinite diversity in this world but that love is universal. While her personal techniques and experiences will suit some they won’t suit everyone bed cause we are all beautiful individuals with different needs, aspirations and abilities. In recognising this she not only openly and frankly shares her own insights but also observations of an insight into others leaving no stone untenured as she takes on a journey to triumph in the ultimate quest – conquering true love.

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